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Tecomate Horn-Maker Mineral (11 lb)

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A complete ready-to-use mineral/vitamin supplement that is necessary for antler growth and reproduction. HORNMAKER MINERAL is formulated with the latest nutritional technology and also uses the most preferred and palatable elements available to deliver the supplements that are necessary for antler growth and reproduction. HORNMAKER MINERAL can be used year-round, but is most effective during the early spring and summer months when antler growth, fetus growth, and lactation is occurring. HORNMAKER MINERAL can be mixed with deer feeds, put into feeder troughs, or the most used method; mixed into the ground to make a “mineral lick”. HORNMAKER MINERAL works great with our year-round Tecomate Seed System and is the missing link providing the supplements needed to maximize any deer herd in all parts of the country. No matter if you are a serious land manager or the average hunter, HORNMAKER MINERAL can help you be more successful year after year. Approximately one 11 pound jug of HORNSMAKER MINERAL will supply about 100 deer-use days, which means 1 jug will last 100 days for 1 deer or will last 10 days for 10 deer.

  • Develops bigger buck
  • Promotes antler growth
  • Provides nutrition for your deer herd
  • Long range attractant


unrefined salt, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, processed grain by-product, numerous other vitamin supplements & ingredients

Seeding Rate:

11 lbs. supplies
100 deer use days

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