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Free Seed Catalog — Rohrer Seeds Catalog

Would you like a copy of our 2025 Seed Catalog?

To receive our seed catalog (seed catalogue) and to also be added to our annual free seed catalog mailing list simply fill out the seed catalog request form at the bottom of this page!

Why wait for your garden seed catalog to be mailed?

Below you can flip through our 2024 print catalog right now! You can also download the item order form in a separate PDF to fill out, save, or print as needed here: Item order form

  • Our electronic seed catalog is responsive; therefore, you can enjoy viewing our organic heirloom seeds on your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • This digital seed catalog gives you the ability to autoplay, flip the pages, and zoom in or out.
  • If you enjoy our vegetable seeds catalog, please feel free to use the share options across your favorite social media outlets or even email the catalog to a friend.
  • You can also feel free to download and save or print sections of the catalog as needed.
  • The electronic version of our seed catalog (above) is even searchable! Type a product SKU or product name by clicking on the catalog viewer's search icon to get started.

What's in the Catalog?

  • A great selection of heirloom varieties, organically grown seed and the latest introductions.
  • Seeds are offered from an additional 10 companies such as Burpee, Seed Savers, High Mowing Organic, Botanical Interest, Renee’s, and Baker Creek providing an even greater variety selection from one source.
  • Lots of valuable information including our Home Garden Planting Guide.
  • Huge selections of flower, vegetable, herb, and miscellaneous garden seeds that are Non-GMO.
  • And much more!

For more information on our seed catalog process and 100+ year history of mailing seed catalogs, click here.

Seed Catalog history

Since 1919 Rohrer Seeds has been mailing Rohrer Seeds' Catalogs every year! You can even see our vintage seed catalog art in the images of our past covers on this page.

1972 old seed catalog1922 old seed catalog1923 old seed catalog

Rohrer Seeds Catalog Request

2025 Rohrer Seeds Retail Seed and Supply Catalog

Fill in the form below to be added to our 2025 print catalog mailing list! 

And CLICK HERE to SEE OUR LATEST CATALOG in digital format, which can be viewed online, downloaded, and printed today!

First day of Spring in 2024

It's important to find the right time to plant your crops. If you wait too long, you may not be able to harvest them before the first fall/winter frosts. Seed packets usually have information on the "Days to Harvest," but make sure to factor in the time it takes to pick the crops. The more time you have, the more opportunities you have to plant some crops multiple times. For instance, lettuce grows quickly and is a great option for planting every one or two weeks, particularly if you switch up the varieties to increase resistance against bolting.

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Rohrer Seeds best quality seeds, seed catalog of 2024

When does the annual seed catalog come out?

Our newest release Catalog, is mailed out in December to everyone on our mailing list. Requests received after December 1st will be mailed out as requested through May, while supplies last, after which names will be added to our mailing list for the next year’s release in December.

Why make a Seed Catalog request from us?

Our seed packets are filled with a generous amount of seed compared to other seed companies.

Is ours the best seed catalog? Rohrer Seeds is one of several seed catalog companies still offering seed catalogs mailings, but is viewed by many as one of the best seed catalog companies since we've been doing it now for 100 years! We also offer one of the largest seed ordering catalogs with over 1,100 selections of seeds along with seed potatoes, asparagus plants and onion plants. Any seed purchased will be of the highest quality, as advertised, or you will be immediately refunded your purchase price.

A complete, up to date listings of all our vegetable, herbs, and flower seeds can be found online at

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