Why Rohrer Seeds?

100 Years of experience brings unparalleled TRUST!

Trust matters! Our master seed specialists work with weekend gardeners, landscape professionals, farmers, and other agribusiness owners to help them grow successfully. You can trust our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Why Rohrer Seeds?

Consistently Great Growth

We test every new seed variety in our own company garden before we even consider selling it. By doing this, we make sure it meets our strict guidelines for quality and consistency.

Why Rohrer Seeds?

Giving Back

Aside from our commitment to serving our customers, Rohrer Seeds has been dedicated to giving back to our community and beyond. We annually provide seeds and supplies to local community gardens, non-profit organizations, churches, and mission organizations in support of their efforts to provide healthy food for those in need around the world. We fully recognize that seeds are a source of life!


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Hear it straight from our customers!

Everything you need to start flowers or vegetables from seeds. Large varieties. Normal to unique. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Think spring! Happy planting.

Amos Keener

Wonderful selection and service!

Marianne Fridberg

Never been to the actual store, but there seeds are great. I have never had an issue starting any of their seeds. One thing I love about there selection is you can buy what you need - they offer their seed in two to three different sizes, so you can buy a little or a lot and all at great prices!

W Landry

You want seeds! they have the best choice you will ever see.

Elizabeth Whiffen

I live in northern N.J. and every year for the past 8 years i order my seed or go to lancaster with my family and buy my seed from Rohrer, every seed i plant comes up no matter what it is i will always buy from them,they have a great selection and are a big help in the store too,I highly recommend enjoying the lancaster area and stopping by to get some greens beans srykers or Sicilian white zucchini.

Pat Narcise

Great selection, helpful service.

Martin Schamis

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