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Rohrer Seeds White Clover Seed (1 LB) - Designed For Ground Cover, Natural Erosion Control, a Lawn Alternative, Pasture, Forage, Pollinating Seed & More

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Available Sizes: White Clover (1 lb.), Cover Crop

{ Beautiful Blooms } Along with functionality, these white clover cover crop seeds bloom bright and beautiful to help any organic project or goal stand out!

{ Fix Your Soil Naturally } White clover ground cover seeds is an organic solution that boosts soil nitrogen levels. It does this by taking nitrogen from the air and bringing it to the soil.

{ Attract Pollinators } Help save the honey bees! Our white clover seeds are highly attractive to honey bees and are pollinated as bees forage for nectar or pollen.

{ Multiple Uses } This premium cover crop seed mix from superior white clover seeds can be used for erosion control, ground cover and even as a forage seed for deer!

{ Seed Rate } Our white clover seed should be planted at a 1/4 pound per 1,000 square feet. For larger coverage projects, our seed can be spread 1 pound per 4,000 square feet.

Rohrer Seeds plants, seeds & bulbs are cultivated through both care and an intense knowledge that comes from over 100 years of business. With beautiful white blooms, white clover is a very common and effective cover crop for use in both gardens and pastures and even as an alternative lawn seed to help build a stable and healthy lawn without a lot of maintenance! Like other common clover varieties, white clover is a powerful legume that adds nitrogen back into the soil without the use of harsh chemicals that do more long-term harm than good. Another good use is that our white clover seed provides an organic control option to standard erosion control blanket selections. In addition to its benefits as a cover crop, we can never forget that white clover is extremely beneficial to pollinators. Honey bees are extremely attracted to our varieties and we truly care about saving the bees!

Our planting instructions are as follows:
-Plant in the spring or fall.
-Broadcast seed and lightly rake the soil.
-Sow 1 lb. per 4,000 sq. ft.

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