Sunburst Switchgrass PLS (1 Lb. Bulk) (2023 Lot)

Rohrer Seeds


A rhizomatous warm season bunchgrass; selected by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and USDA-ARS, Lincoln, NE for improved forage quality and yield in the Northeast and Midwest. Approximate seeds per lb. 259,000

Seeding Rate: Expect to apply about 8 lb. per acre. When used as part of a mix, ensure that the mix consists of not less than 1.0% and not more than 50.0% of the total.

Classification: Herbaceous Perennial
Bloom Period: June to October
Foliage Color: Green
Height: Up to 5.5 Ft
Minimum Root Depth: 12 in
pH: 4.5 – 8.0