Rainbow Blend Bell Pepper (50 seeds), Container Collection

Rohrer Seeds

About- A beautiful blend of green, red, orange, yellow, and purple bell peppers. Produces blocky, uniform peppers that look like those you find at the farmer’s market. A great option to get some variety in your raised beds or container garden!

Planting- Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before your last frost in the spring. Grow one plant per 16” pot or leave 18” between plants if grown in raised beds. Need warm temperatures to grow.

Care & Harvest- Fertilize plants once a week while watering. Be sure to water every 2-4 days when rainfall is not adequate. Harvest first fruits when they are still green and allow later fruit to turn color.

Where- Full Sun

Depth- ¼”

Spacing- 18”

Maturity- 60-75 Days

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 50