Multiflora Mixed Petunia


About- Our Dwarf Petunia Mix grows 8-12 inches tall and has a bushy, free-flowering habit. Produces single flowers in shades of red, rose, scarlet, salmon, violet and white. Recommended for beds & borders as well as containers and hanging baskets.

When and Where to Plant- Start seeds indoors 10-12 weeks prior to last spring frost and be sure to harden off plants before transplanting.

Care and Harvest- Deadheading will benefit plants and encourage re-blooming. Give plants a good shearing mid-season to help rejuvenate them.

Type- Annual

Botanical Name- Petunia x hybrida

Planting Depth- 0"

Days to Germination- 7-14

Plant Spacing- 9-12"

Height- 10"

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 1,000