Charleston Grey Watermelon


About- (Heirloom) Named for its tough grayish-green rind, Charleston Grey has beautiful fiber-less red flesh. Very sweet and full of flavor! At one time this was the predominant watermelon for home gardens and markets.

When and Where to Plant- Direct seed or transplant after danger of frost. Plant in nutrient dense soils in an area with full sun.

Care and Harvest- Watch for fungal issues and utilize fungicide when necessary. Water frequently, consistent moisture will increase fruit set and size. harvest when the tendril nearest to the fruit completely dries.

Planting Depth- 1"

Seed Spacing- 24"

Spacing Between Rows- 60 - 84"

Days to Germination- 7-10

Days to Maturity- 85

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 30