Wizard Select Improved Mix Coleus (60 seeds), Container Collection

Rohrer Seeds

About- This beautiful mix of white, green, red, and burgundy coleus produces plants that are between 18-24” tall. The mix produces a kaleidoscope of colors that will look great in your landscape all summer long. Great for window boxes and patio containers!

Planting- Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before your last frost in the spring in a high-quality seed starter. Maintain even moisture until germination which may take 2-3 weeks. Transplant outdoors once the threat of frost has passed.

Care & Harvest- Likes evenly moist soil. Fertilize lightly if desired. Pinch flowers when the plant is young to encourage plants to bush.

Where- Shade to Part-Sun

Depth- 1/8”

Spacing- 10”

Maturity- N/A

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 60