Tecomate Max-Attract

Tecomate Wildlife Systems

Formulated for maximum fall attraction. The combination of high preference perennial and annual clovers, winter peas, chicory and cereal grains are what make this mix the “Cadillac” of fall seed blends. This 3-season mix is also a great source of nutrition that continues into spring through early summer. Increase deer attraction by planting half of a large food plot with Tecomate® Max-Attract and the other half with Tecomate® Greenfield or side by side in two smaller food plots. No other fall planting comes close.

  • 3 Seasons of max attraction and nutrition
  • Great source of critical antler-growing/fawning nutrition
  • Attracts deer about 20 days after planting
  • Excellent for turkeys

Contents: cereal grains, peas, perennial & annual clovers, chicory seed

Planting Time: all climates: fall only

Seeding Rate:

20 lbs. plants 1/2 acre
40 lbs. plants 1 acre

Planting Depth: 1/8 to 1/4 inch