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Tecomate Lablab

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Size: Tecomate Lablab (20 lb)

Tecomate® Lablab is the seed that STARTED IT ALL for Tecomate® Wildlife Systems. Highly nutritious, unsurpassed in its complete nutritional make up and a great source of antler-growing phosphorus. Extreme forage production and the highest protein of any in the plant industry make this the manager’s choice for growing big bucks. Vulnerable to heavy grazing the first 6 weeks. Plant additional acreage to compensate or protect with fencing. No other plant is proven to have such a dramatic impact on white-tailed deer!

  • Up to 38% crude protein
  • Can add 20% to antler inches and body weight in mature bucks
  • Drought, insect and disease resistant

Planting Time: all climates: spring & summer - anywhere ground temperature is above 68 degrees.
late summer & early fall - early season bow or other hunting plots

Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. plants 1 acre

Planting Depth: 1 to 2 inches

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