Tecomate Blockade Mix (8 lb)

Tecomate Wildlife Systems


Blockade - The Best Food Plot Screening Product On The Market Today!

About Blockade:

Tecomate has engineered the best food plot screening product on the market today! Use Blockade to shield your food plots from public roadways and neighboring properties, keeping wandering eyes out and the deer feeling safe within. Also, use it to conceal paths to tree stands, allowing your presence to go undetected. Blockade is made from a select blend of warm season annuals ranging in height, creating a visual and physical blockage from ground level up to 12 ft tall.

Planting Time:
Zone 1: May 1 - June 30
Zone 2: April 15 - June 30
Zone 3: April 1 - July 15
Zone 4: May 1 - June 30
Seeding Rate:

8lbs plants 1/2 acre

Planting Depth:

1/2 inch to 1 inch


We recommend a balanced fertilizer like a 13-13-13 at 250 lbs per acre

Where to plant deer & turkey food plot seed us map

 Blockade Food Plots Screen Planting Instructions:

  1. Select a sunny site and prepare soil by thoroughly disking/plowing to create a clean level seedbed. Soil temps should be at least 60 degrees and climbing.
  2. For greatest production, soil test then fertilize with a balanced mixture such as 13-13-13 at 250 lbs per acre. Liming is recommended if pH is below 5.8.
  3. Plant with a broadcaster, grain drill, or row crop planter at a rate of 8lbs per 1/2 acre at a depth of about 1/2 to 1 inch. When broadcasting, cover seeds by either dragging or cultipacking.

Food Plot Screening Cover Contents:

Proprietary, premium ingredients, including Egyptian Wheat, which is better than commonly used switchgrass