Summer Garden Mixture, All Yellow (Value Pack)


Lake Valley Seed Packet

Brighten your garden with these sunny yellow flowers in a variety of heights and shapes. Start gathering bouquets about 45 days after planting and continue until frost. Height: 8 inches - 4 feet. (one packet plants up to 100 square feet)

Contains: 27% Yellow Four-O'Clocks, 18% Dwarf Sunflower, 9% Dwarf Calendula, 9% Dwarf Sulphur Cosmos, 9% Dwarf California Poppy, 9% Greenthread, 5% Yellow Daisy, 3% Tidy-Tips, 2% Goldenn Wave Tickseed, 2%^ Clasping ConeFlower, 2% Garland Daisy, 2% Dwarf Black-Eyed Susan, 2% Creeping Zinnia and 1% Common Evening Primrose.

MFG Part Number: 519