Summer Garden Mixture, All Red (Value Pack)


Lake Valley Seed Packet

This stunning assortment features multiple sizes and textures in shades from light red to deep crimson. Start gathering bouquets about 45 days after planting and continue until frost. Height: 8 inches - 4 feet. (one packet plants up to 100 square feet)

Contains: 29% Red Four-O'Clocks, 14% Scarlet Flax, 14% Annual Red Phlox, 14% Crimson Clover, 9% Cosmos "Dazzler", 9% Scarlet Sage, 5% Red Corn Poppy, 2% Maltese Cross, 2% Dwarf Red Coneflower, and 2% Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis.

MFG Part Number: 521