Summer Garden Mixture, All Blue (Value Pack)


Lake Valley Seed Packet

A lovely assortment of blue flowers. Start gathering bouquets about 45 days after planting, and continue until frost. Many sizes and textures. A range of shades from pale blue to deep royal blue will make this flower bed one of your favorites. Height: 8 inches - 4 feet (one packet plants up to 100 square feet)

Contains: 18% Love-in-a-Mist, 14% Chinese Forget-Me-Not, 14% Baby Blue Eyes, 11% Perennial Lupine, 7% Blue Cornflower, 7% Chinese Houses, 7% Blue Flax, 7% California Bluebell, 3% Prairie Aster, 3% Blue Sage, 2%Globe Bilia, 2% Lemon Mint, and 2% Royal Allyssum.

MFG Part Number: 522