Summer Garden Mix, All White (ValuePack)


Lake Valley Seed Packet

A lovely assortment of white flowers. Start gathering bouquets about 45 days after planting, and continue until frost. Perfect way to create a glistening moonlight garden. Height: 8 inches - 4 feet. (one packet plants up to 100 square feet)

Contains: 25% White Four-O'Clocks, 21% Five-Spot, 19% Baby's Breath, 8% Cosmos "Purity", 8% California Poppy "White Linen", 8% Rocket Candytuft, 4% Bird's Eyes, 2% Bishop's Flower, 2% Creeping Daisy, 2% Mountain Phlox, and 1% Sweet Alyssm.

MFG Part Number: 518