Summer Garden Mix, All Pink


Lake Valley Seed Packet

A lovely assortment of pink flowers. Start gathering bouquets about 45 days after planting, and continue until frost. Many sizes and textures. A range of shades from pale pink to rosy-pink will make this flower bed one of your favorites. Height: 1 - 4 feet. (Pkt. covers 100 square feet)

Contains: 29% Pink Four-O'Clocks, 19% Pincushion Flower, 10% Cosmos "Gloria", 10% Tree Mallow, 5% Cosmos "Pinkie", 5% Spider Plant, 5% Annual Sweet William Pinks, 5% Nodding Catchfly, 3% Dwarf Godetia, 3% Clarkia, 2% Strawflower, 2% Catchfly, 1% Lilac Godetia and 1% Royal Carpet Alyssum.

MFG Part Number: 520