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Fancy Lawn Mix - It's Called Fancy For a Reason! This Premium Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass Seed and Perennial Rye Seed Will Give You a Dark Green Lawn You Will Be Proud Of.

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Available Sizes: Rohrers Fancy Lawn Mix (1 Lb)

{ Soft Grass Seed } Like walking on a cloud! There is nothing worse than walking on rough grass! Your pets struggle, and the kids don't like playing on it! Fancy Lawn Mix fixes those issues!

{ Top Notch Varieties } Researched overtime before coming to market, we chose the best grass seed varieties of kentucky blue grass and perennial ryegrass seeds that blend together perfectly.

{ Multiple Applications } This premium seed blend can be used for overseeding your lawn, filling in bare spots or even establishing the perfect new lawn from scratch!

{ Dark Color } Stand out like a lawn you see on TV! Fancy Lawn Mix varieties will show off with a dark green color that will fill in tightly leaving minimal gaps!

{ Easy To Mow } Powered by fine textured blends, your lawn mower will not have to fight against thick bladed turf varieties and will cut clean, limiting stress on the lawn!

Strong and soft. That is the phrase that we have heard most of when describing our "Fancy Lawn Mix" grass seed. Your lawn will be the fanciest in the neighborhood! You'll like the velvety, carpet-like lawn this mixture produces. Contains fine blended grasses of rich green color. Starting with approximately 30% Hybrid Kentucky Blue Grass. Kentucky Blue Grass has the ability to help knit turf together! This means less lawn soil will be exposed helping keep your turf slightly cooler. This is followed by 70% Turf Type Narrow Leaf Perennial Rye Grass. These variations are designed to grow quickly to help establish and blend in with the the Kentucky Blue Grass creating the perfect lawn. The other feature is improved disease resistance. Each variety chosen is Grey Leaf Spot Resistant, making your lawn stronger and more able to handle the stresses of summer time! To apply correctly, we recommend putting this seed down at one pound per 250 square feet. This will ensure ample coverage to maximize desired results.

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