Ramapo F1 Hybrid Tomato


The Ramapo Tomato was developed at Rutgers NJAES in 1968 by Dr. Bernard Pollack. Ramapo became a gardener's favorite due to its wonderful flavor combined with excellent fruit quality, reliability and production. Ramapo was one of the many delicious varieties grown by Jersey Tomato growers before commercial production switched to firm shipping varieties. Many years ago Ramapo tomato disappeared from seed catalogs. Seed companies were favoring varieties that produced higher yields and firmer fruit for commercial growers. Despite its disappearance, Rutgers continued to receive many requests for this tasty tomato and produced small batches throughout the years. In 2008, the first commercial lot of genuine Ramapo F1 hybrid seed was reintroduced through an effort by Rutgers NJAES. Today, Rutgers continues to produce the seeds of this old-time classic variety that was among the many delicious varieties grown by Jersey tomato farmers in days gone by.

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 20-25