Parisian Gherkin Cucumber (25 seeds), Container Collection

Rohrer Seeds

About- This 2015 AAS winner is an excellent gherkin-type pickling cucumber. Has a semi-vining habit and can be grown on a small trellis or allowed to flow over the side of your raised bed or container. Has a sweet flavor and will grow and produce fruit quickly!

Planting- Plant in spring when soil temperature has reached 70 or in the fall at least 12 weeks before the first frost.  Grow 1 plant per 16” container or space plants 24” apart in raised beds.

Care & Harvest- Provide even moisture throughout the growing season and lightly fertilize.  Grow in larger pots or a raised bed and allow room to spread. Harvest daily once cucumbers have reached the gherkin stage.

Where- Full Sun

Depth- ½”

Spacing- 18”

Maturity- 50 Days

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 25