Night And Day Snapdragon


Botanical Interests Packet

Tender perennial. Night and Day is a robust, long-blooming, and visually striking cousin of the Black Prince snapdragon. It makes an attractive border along a walkway or accent in the flower garden. Night and Day's flowers have a spicy scent and are absolutely gorgeous cut flowers! When the weather cools in fall, its dark red petals turn nearly black, and it's foliage turns dark burgundy, enhancing the contrast with its lower white jaws. A short-lived tender perennial that may overwinter in climates as cold as USDA zone 5. Deer Resistant.

When to sow outside: Cold climates: 4 to 6 weeks before average last frost, or as soon as soil can be worked. Mild climates: Late summer to early fall for winter and spring bloom.

MFG Part Number: 1310