Lemon Basil Seeds

Rohrer Seeds

About- Lemon Basil is a delightful herb with a citrusy twist. The leaves emit a strong lemony aroma, which makes this Basil a fanastic choice for adding citrus elements to salads, dressings, and even drinks! If you're looking to add dimension to a summer meal, Lemon Basil is a great addition to any herb garden. 

When and Where to Plant- Start indoors and transplant outside 2-3 weeks before your last expected frost. Choose an area in the garden that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight. The soil should be well-draining with a pH around 6.5. For a fall crop start seedlings in May and transplant in June-July.

Care and Harvest- Basil does not need much, if any, fertilization. Be sure to keep the soil damp, but not soggy. You can start to harvest from your Basil plant when it is 6-8" tall. Harvest frequently to encourage more growth. 

Planting Depth- 1/4"

Days to Germination- 7-10

Seed Spacing- 1"

Plant Spacing- 10-12"

Spacing Between Rows- 12"

Days to Maturity- 60-90

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 400