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Kilner Preserving Starter Set

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Canning and pickling is both an economical and environmentally friendly way to maximise fruit and vegetable stocks. The Kilner® Canning Starter Set contains all the components required to make jam, pickles and chutneys, perfect for beginners or experienced canners.

Made from durable, high-quality glass, the 17 US fl oz jars are the ideal size for decanting homemade creations.

The two-piece lid system compromising of a screw band and sealing disc creates the perfect vacuum seal, ensuring the contents stay fresher for longer.

Set contents

4 x Kilner® 17 US fl oz Canning Jars 
1 x Jar Lifter - Securely lifts and transports hot Kilner® Jars
1 x Funnel - Easily fills Kilner® Jars, preventing spills or wastage
1 x Bubble Remover - Eliminates excess air bubbles that become trapped in the jar during filling, prior to the jars being sealed.
6 x Labels - For labeling jars with dates or contents.
1 x Recipe Booklet

Use and Care

Dishwasher Safe: Glass Jars, Bubble Remover, Funnel
Handwash: Jar Lifter

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