Jicama Heirloom (Pkt)


Jicama Heirloom (Pkt)

Low calorie, mild and crunchy, Jicama is an edible root favored for salads and stir-fries. Requires a 4 - 9 month warm season to produce roots. Best suited for USDA zones 7-10.


Direct so outdoors in subtropical or tropical regions. For regions with 5 or fewer frost-free months, start indoors 8 - 10 weeks before last Frost. Soak seeds overnight to boost germination. Transplant after all danger of frost and when soil temperature is above 50°F. Prefers full sun with moist, well drained soil rich in potassium. Pinch off flowers and growth tips to increase root production.


Harvest roots as late in the season as possible before first Frost. Vines grow to 10-15 feet. Yakima leaves, flowers and seeds are toxic.

Contains approximately 40 seeds