Jack-be-little Pumpkin


About- Jack-be-Little Pumpkins are the perfect addition to your garden! These miniature pumpkins will add an old-fashioned charm to your landscape, boasting deep ribbing and a 3-4 inch diameter. Plus, they make a tasty addition to any meal, as you can fill them with your favorite stuffing, casserole, soup or custard. With compact vines only growing up to 5 feet long, these pumpkins are perfect for large containers and vertical trellising. Enjoy a touch of nostalgia in your garden today!

When and Where to Plant- Plant outside after all chance of frost has passed and the soil temperature is above 65 F. Prefers heavily amended soils and full sun. 

Care and Harvest- Water heavily 1-2 times per week. When vine begins to die and skin is tough, cut the pumpkin from the vine and allow to harden in the garden.

Planting Depth- 1"

Seed Spacing- 3"

Spacing Between Rows- 48-72"

Days to Germination- 7-10

Plant Spacing- 48-72"

Days to Maturity- 110

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 25