Hyr Brix Tomato Fertilizer


5-8-10 +Ca8+S9 HyR BRIX¨ Tomato Fertilizer is an unique blend of essential micro-nutrients that tomatoes need for a healthy growth cycle. Tomatoes have a shallow root system and require high potassium. Calcium is essential to prevent disease and blossom-end rot. Fertilizers with higher levels of nitrogen result in the plant putting all its energy into producing lush foliage, not blossoms and fruit.

5 lbs. = 125 ft.

Benefits of applying HyR BRIX¨ Tomato Fertilizer:

¥ Soluble and slow release nutrients specifically formulated for tomatoes.

¥ Contains a balance of essential nutrients.

¥ Only one application required before you plant.

¥ Does not contain high salts that harm natural soil biology and kill good bacteria in soil.

¥ Contains a special form of ammonia that promotes blossom development.

¥ Unique blend of ocean minerals and micro-nutrients that enhance taste.

¥ Contains humic acid to stimulate growth.

¥ Improves physical properties of soil.

10 lbs. per 100 ft. row

MFG Part Number: RS-TF-5