HyR BRIX Tomato Fertilizer 5-8-10 - The Perfect Tomato Feed That is Proven to Help Prevent Disease and Blossom End Rot to Keep Tomatoes Healthy.


Helps eliminate blossom end rot!

HyR BRIX® Tomato Fertilizer is a unique blend of essential micro-nutrients that tomatoes need for a healthy growth cycle. With multiple sources of calcium and a balance of nutrients, it has been proven to help prevent disease and blossom end rot, as well as help maximize production and enhance taste.

5-8-10 Ca8 S9
5 lbs. = 125 ft.2
20 lbs. = 500 ft.2
50 lbs. = 1,250 ft.2

Benefits of applying HyR BRIX®  Tomato Fertilizer:

  • Soluble and slow release nutrients specifically formulated for tomatoes.
  • Contains a balance of essential nutrients.
  • Only one application required before you plant.
  • Does not contain high salts that harm natural soil biology and kill good bacteria in soil.
  • Contains a special form of ammonia that promotes blossom development.
  • Unique blend of ocean minerals and micro-nutrients that enhance taste.
  • Contains humic acid to stimulate growth.
  • Improves physical properties of soil.