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HyR BRIX Tomato Fertilizer 5-8-10 - The Perfect Tomato Feed That is Proven to Help Prevent Disease and Blossom End Rot to Keep Tomatoes Healthy.

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Available Sizes: Hyr Brix Tomato Fertilizer (5 Lb)

Helps eliminate blossom end rot!

{ Maximize Production } Our tomato plant food is designed through a blend of premium products becomes both a dirt booster that revitalizes soil as well as a potent fertilizer that increases yield!

{ Powerful Micro Nutrients } Adding multiple sources of calcium for tomatoes creates a firmer and stronger plant that will last longer once picked from the vine.

{ All Purpose Fertilizer } On top of being the perfect plant fertilizer for tomatoes, HyR BRIX Tomato Fertilizer can be used successfully with every other vegetable that you plant!

{ Prevent Disease } Preventing disease and blossom end rot for tomatoes is the most important aspect of successful growing. Unlike other tomato plant fertilizers, ours yields healthy plants that product all season!

{ Planting Suggestions } To see the most benefits from this product, disperse at a rate of five pounds per 125 square feet up to three weeks before planting to allow nutrients to get into the soil.

HyR BRIX Tomato Fertilizer is a unique blend of essential micro-nutrients that tomatoes need for a healthy growth cycle. With multiple sources of calcium and a balance of nutrients, it has been proven to help prevent disease and blossom end rot, as well as help maximize production and enhance taste. Growing more than tomatoes? No need to purchase additional fertilizers, just use HyR BRIX Tomato Fertilizer as an all purpose plant food throughout your entire garden. When planting, please follow these instructions: The most common times of application are: Before planting - HyR BRIX dry granular fertilizer can be applied several days to 3 weeks before planting. This allows time for the fertilizer to break down in the soil and begin to release nutrients. Use the broadcast method to apply the fertilizer. At time of planting - When applying fertilizer at time of planting, keep fertilizer a minimum of 4 inches away from seeds, plants, tubers etc. Seeds and young plants have sensitive roots and can be burned. When applying fertilizer at this time use the broadcast method immediately before planting or use the side dress method. After planting - If your plants are already planted you can still use HyR BRIX. The most effective method would be to side dress your plants, but keep fertilizer a minimum of 4 inches away from the base of the plant.

5 lbs. = 125 ft.2
20 lbs. = 500 ft.2
50 lbs. = 1,250 ft.2

5-8-10 Ca8 S9

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