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Hyr Brix Sweet Corn Fertilizer: Packed with The Essential Nutrients All Sweet Corn Plants Need! Grow Big, Uniform Ears with A Taste That is Sweet and Memorable.

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Available Sizes: Hyr Brix Sweet Corn Fertilizer (20 Lb)

Packed with the nutrients corn loves!

{ Multiple Forms Of Nitrogen } By providing both fast and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, our sweet corn formulation will help jump start and maintain your corn throughout the year!

{ Critical Micronutrients } Besides a good urea fertilizer, sweet corn requires micronutrients such as sulfur and boron to help facilitate nitrogen uptake maximizing its usage.

{ Grow Big Ears } This formulation is designed to work copestatically with the corn-growing process to yield big results in a simplified management solution.

{ Use On Multiple Corn Products } As a multidimensional formula, our Hyr Brix Sweet Corn Fertilizer can be used with sweet corn, ornamental corn, popcorn and field corn.

{ Planting Coverage } Every five pounds of our garden fertilizer covers 450 square feet of area. For those planting in rows, the same five pounds will cover a 100 foot row.

HyR BRIX® Sweet Corn Fertilizer has what sweet corn requires to develop big, uniform, marketable ears with a great, sweet taste. Formulated over years of trial testing and multiple adjustments, this formulation is the finished product of those years of research! With multiple forms of nitrogen and a balance of slow-releasing nutrients, you can ensure your corn is receiving an adequate and even feeding all season long. Typically sweet corn is fertilized by side dressing and the application rate is indicated as pounds per foot of row. Some gardeners prefer to broadcast spread HyR BRIX® fertilizer throughout the entire garden bed.

For Side Dressing: If your plants are spaced far apart you can side-dress individual plants by applying fertilizer in a circle around each plant. The circle should be 2-4 inches wide and 1-2 inches deep and located at least 4 inches away from the base of the plant.

For Broadcast Spreading: Apply over the entire garden bed and lightly scratched into the top 1-2 inches of soil. This is best done 1-3 weeks before planting the garden. 

5 lbs. = 100 ft. row or 450 ft.2
20 lbs. = 400 ft. row or 1,800 ft.2
45 lbs. = 1,000 ft row or 4,500 ft.2
16-7-10 Ca2 S6

Caution: Do not allow seed to come into direct contact with fertilizer.

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