Hyr Brix Sweet Corn Fertilizer


26-6-10 +Ca2+S6 HyR BRIX¨ Sweet Corn Fertilizer is an easy-to-use, one time application fertilizer that contains sources of essential elements to increase sugar content resulting in a sweeter taste. The Sweet Corn Fertilizer has nutrients, micro-nutrients, and minerals that help corn product big, uniform, marketable ears.

5 lbs. = 100 ft. row or 450 ft.

Benefits of applying HyR BRIX¨ Sweet Corn Fertilizer:

¥ A complete, ready, and easy-to-use product that produces great results.

¥ Balance of nutrients, micro-nutrients, and minerals that corn requires to develop big, uniform, marketable ears.

¥ Warming effect on soil for quicker emergence and uniform stands.

¥ Soluble and slow release nutrients that are available to the plant all growing season.

¥ Contains natural mined elements that replace lost minerals.

¥ Low salts that will not harm emergence of seedlings or impact beneficial soil organisms.

¥ Natural sources of calcium and minerals increase sugar content resulting in a sweeter taste.

¥ Best applied before planting and up to knee-high stalks.

¥ Produces uniform ear development, increasing the percent of marketable ears.


How to Apply:

Pre-planting or planting by hand directions: Apply 5 lbs per 100 foot row evenly where corn will be planted. Incorporate into soil 2 – 4 inches deep. Planter directions: Apply 250 lbs. per acre in 2 X 2 band when planting. Sidedress another 250 lbs. per acre when corn is 6 – 12 inches tall.

Caution: Do not allow seed to come into direct contact with fertilizer.

MFG Part Number: RS-SC-5