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Hyr BRIX Organic Vegetable Fertilizer 1-1-8 - The Perfect Slow Release All Purpose Fertilizer Designed to Feed Your Garden, Shrubs and Trees All Season Long!

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Available Sizes: Hyr Brix Organic Vegetable Fertilizer (5 Lb)

Great for all growing plants!

{ OMRI Certified Ingredients } We believe in quality, which is why our organic plant fertilizer only uses ingredients from approved OMRI sources! This ensures you are getting the best of the best!

{ Enhance Plants Immune System } Our all-purpose plant food increases the sugar density in each plant. This is vital in plant health and helps keep your plant healthy!

{ Feeds The Soil } By including humates and micronutrients our plant food enriches the soil and helps create a harmonious growing environment.

{ No Need For Heavy Nitrogen } Watch your plants thrive without the need for a heavy nitrogen plant fertilizer! Through the power of micronutrients, your plants will grow all year!

{ Extends Harvesting Season } Healthier plants grow longer! By supercharging the plant soil of your garden, watch your plants flourish longer than ever before!

Our organic plant food is a slow-release fertilizer built with you in mind. With one application of our organic gardening fertilizer, you can feed your plants all season long. Built with micronutrients and multiple sources of calcium, this blend builds the perfect growing environment for your plants not only to thrive but also to sustain optimal growth throughout the season. By optimizing your soil as well as your plant, this fertilizer helps maximize both water retention and drainage leading to less of a need to water! HyR BRIX Organic Vegetable Fertilizer on vegetables can increase the sugar content and improve the nutritional value, including protein and mineral content, leading to a better-tasting and healthier product. Who doesn't want better-tasting veggies? A 45-pound bag of HyR BRIX Organic Vegetable Fertilizer covers an approximate area of 1,250 square feet, or 10 pounds per 100 foot row. We truly believe in this product and are always here to help with all of your gardening and growing needs!
5 lbs. = 125 ft.2
20 lbs. = 500 ft.2
50 lbs. = 1,250 ft.2
1-1-8 Ca12 S9
Caution: Do not allow seed to come into direct contact with fertilizer.

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