Hyr Brix Organic Pasture Fertilizer


2-1-8 Ca10 S6

HyR BRIX® All Natural & Organic Pasture Fertilizer is a unique blend of organic nutrients that animals need to maintain optimal health and production. If your pastures are deficient in nutrients, you may see the same deficiencies in your livestock. The nutrients that are critical to animals are the same required by plants for their growth, protection, reproduction, and survival.

Benefits of applying HyR BRIX® All Natural & Organic Pasture Fertilizer:

  • Optimizes forage growth, quality, and hardiness.
  • Increases nutrient density.
  • Enhances herd health.
  • Forages with optimal nutrients resist disease.

10 bags per acre

How to Apply:

Apply 50 lbs. evenly to 4,356 ft.2 (10 bags per acre) using a broadcast spreader.
Best if applied in spring, however can be applied anytime of year.