Hyr Brix Lawn P-free Fert 20-0-8 (45 Lb)


20-0-8 Ca5 S12

HyR BRIX® Lawn Fertilizer is designed to replenish lawns with essential nutrients, micro-nutrients, trace elements, and minerals. Our unique blend of ingredients slowly releases into the soil, giving the grass a dark, lush-green look that lasts!

 Benefits of applying HyR BRIX® Lawn Fertilizer:

  • Creates a dense lawn that will help eliminate competing weeds.
  • Contains soil amendments to help retain water and improve drainage.
  • Great for new construction lawns.
  • One application feeds all summer long!

 How to Apply:

Apply one 45 lb. bag evenly to 4,000 sq. ft. area using 11 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. just once a season.

 Approximate spreader settings are based on the above application rate; however, spreaders vary. Please utilize the “standard settings” in your spreader manual to determine the correct setting.