Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax Pepper


About- Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax Peppers are abundant yielders of spicy to hot fruit with an outstanding pepper flavor. Delicious for salsas and pickled appetizers, they range in heat from mild to very spicy with an SHU of 10,000. Enjoy the changing colors from pale yellow to deep orange to cherry red and 1.5-5.5" fruits, harvested green for pickling or red for hotter heat. Open-pollinated, very productive - a great choice for any gardener. 

When and Where to Plant- Start indoors approximately 8-10 weeks before last expected frost date. Temperatures must be at least 70°F for good germination rates. Prefer full sun and loamy, well draining soil with a neutral pH.

Care and Harvest- Fertilize throughout the season. Harvest when firm and full, as needed.

Planting Depth- 1/4"

Seed Spacing- 6"

Spacing Between Rows- 18-36"

Days to Germination- 10-20

Plant Spacing- 12-18"

Days to Maturity- 70 days from transplant

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 125