White Softneck Garlic (1/2 Lb)

Rohrer Seeds

When grown properly, this common variety of garlic has a robust flavor with 8 – 12 cloves and is a delicious addition to many recipes.

Soil Preparation:
For ideal growing, a deep fertile, well drained soil is best. Fertilize the soil with a general garden fertilizer (5N – 10P – 10K), or an organic compost is the most beneficial. The soil’s pH should be above 6.0, ideally in the pH 6.5 – 7.0 range.

When to Plant:
In general, garlic should be planted in the autumn through early winter. In temperate areas, plant after the first good frosts of autumn. The cold of winter is necessary to form the side buds that will eventually become the cloves of the plant.

Choose the largest, healthiest looking cloves. Sow with root end facing down. Plant at a depth of 1 inch (25mm) below the soil surface. Plant each clove 4 inches apart.

Growing the Largest Best Possible Bulbs:
Dutch Valley Growers has already pre-determined the best variety for your area. Excellent drainage is key to preventing the risk of disease, fungi and keeping the roots healthy. Consider a raised bed to help with drainage. Once the plants are growing in the spring, use very light side applications of a nitrogen fertilizer about every two weeks. Garlic does not compete well with weeds, so keep you garden free of weeds. Keep garlic plants watered during dry spells in spring.