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Espoma Bone Meal (4 Lb)

by Espoma
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Espoma Organic Bone Meal is your go-to all-natural source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium for fostering robust root systems and stimulating overall plant growth. This 100-percent natural and organic plant food is perfect for bulbs in both Spring and Fall, as well as annual and perennial flowers. Choose Espoma Organic Bone Meal for a reliable, eco-friendly, and organic solution to promote the health and vitality of your plants.

  • All-natural source of organic nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Helps develop sturdy root systems and stimulates plant growth.
  • Ideal supplement to fertilizers for bulbs, flowers, roses, and perennials
  • All-natural 100% domestic bone meal, approved for organic gardening.
  • No fillers or additives
  • Guaranteed analysis with 12% calcium
  • Long lasting Slow-release feeding
  • Environmentally safe for people, pets and the planet, no sludges or toxic ingredients
  • Bigger blooms and roots

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