Earli-dew Honeydew Melon


About- A heavy yielder with green flesh, this melon is very sweet and has a small seed cavity. The vigorous vines produce 5-6" fruits that typically weigh about 3 pounds each.

When and Where to Plant- Start indoors 4 weeks before the last expected frost or direct sow outside, 3-4 weeks after the last frost. Prefers well-amended soil and full sun.

Care and Harvest- Water often and rotate melons when possible. Allow fruit to ripen on the vine, and harvest once the melon is fragrant and the blossom end feels soft. Grow in an area with plenty of room for the vines to stretch.

Planting Depth- 1/2"

Seed Spacing- 24"

Spacing Between Rows- 48"

Days to Germination- 4-8

Space After Thinning- 24-48"

Days to Maturity- 75-85 days from transplant

Approximate Seeds per Pkt- 8