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Max Cover -Warm Season Mix (5 lb.), Cover Crop

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This mix is a great option for covering unused areas throughout the growing season and reviving depleted soils. Consisting of 40% sunn hemp, 30% buckwheat, and 30% sorghum-sudangrass, it has a strong ability to restore heavily used soils. With the nitrogen-fixing ability of sunn hemp and buckwheat's ability to capture normally unavailable phosphorus, it will add unsurpassed nutrient value to your soil. This mix will suppress weeds, as it can establish quickly and produce an extreme amount of organic matter that will eventually be an added benefit to your soil!

-It's best planted in later spring to mid-summer for a warm-season cover.

-Plant seed 0.5" to 0.75" deep.

-Sow 5 lb. per 5,000 sq. ft.

Mix consists of:

  • 40% Sunn Hemp
  • 30% Buckwheat
  • 30% Sorghum Sudangrass (Treated Seed)

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