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Soil Saver - Cool Season Mix (5 lb.), Cover Crop Seed

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Use this unique mix in your garden or pastures for a variety of different benefits! Containing 40% winter rye, 20% mustard, 20% hairy vetch, and 20% forage collards, it adds a strong level of protection to soils throughout the winter season. The rye in this mix will tackle compacted soils, commonly found in overused pastures, as well as adding a significant amount of organic matter to your soil. Hairy vetch will add high levels of nitrogen to your soil and the forage collards will help to suppress weeds and reduce erosion. The mustard in this mix is unique as it gives the added benefit of deterring pests.

-It is best planted later in the spring to mid-summer for a cool-season cover.

-Plant seed 0.5" to 0.75" deep.

-Sow 5 lb. per 3,500 sq. ft. 

The mix consists of:

  • 40% Winter / Cereal Rye
  • 20% Mustard
  • 20% Collards
  • 20% Hairy Vetch

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