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Bloody Butcher Dent Ornamental Corn Seeds

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Size: Bloody Butcher Ornamental Corn (2 Oz Pkt)

About- This heirloom variety of dent corn will produce 2+ ears per stalk. Kernels are a beautiful deep blood red with dark stripes. An occasional white or deep blue kernel may be mixed in. Use as decoration, for flour, or roasting when harvested young.

When and Where to Plant- Select a sunny location and plant when all danger of frost is past and the soil has warmed. For best results, cultivate soil and fertilize with vegetable food. To ensure good pollination, sow seed in blocks of at least 4 rows side by side, rather than a long single row. For an extended harvest, plant every 3 weeks until early summer.

Care and Harvest- Grows best in soil with a pH between 6 and 7. Cultivate weekly or mulch between plants and rows to control weeds. When ears are fully mature in late summer, cut and store in a dry place. Excellent variety for producing corn flour.

Color- Crimson Dark Red

Plant Height- 84"

Ear Length- 9-10"

Planting Depth- 1 1/2"

Seed Spacing- 5-6"

Spacing Between Rows- 30-36"

Days to Germination- 5-10

Plant Spacing- 10-12"

Days to Maturity- 120

2 oz. Pack Sows- 50 foot row

1/2 lb. Sows- 200 foot row

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