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Supersport Grass Seed Mix - This Lush Grass Seed Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Rye Grass Seed Will Make You the Envy of the Neighborhood.

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Available Sizes: Rohrers Supersport Grass Mix (1 Lb)

{ Soft Grass Seed } Like walking on a cloud! There is nothing worse than walking on rough grass! Your pets struggle, and the kids don't like playing on it! Supersport Lawn Mix fixes those issues!

{ Knit A Lawn Together } While the three types of perennial ryegrass seed provide a the base to your dream lawn, the kentucky blue grass grows in between the rye grass seeds and fills in to ensure a perfect lawn!

{ Dark Color } Stand out like a lawn you see on TV! Supersport Lawn Mix varieties will show off with a dark green color that will fill in tightly leaving minimal gaps!

{ Top Notch Varieties } Researched overtime before coming to market, we chose the best grass seed varieties of kentucky blue grass and perennial rye grass seed types that blend together perfectly.

{ Multiple Applications } This premium seed blend can be used for overseeding your lawn, filling in bare spots or even establishing the perfect new lawn from scratch!

Our improved upon product to our ever popular Sport Turf Grass Seed Mix. All the same qualities of Sport Turf with the added benefit of Blue Grass. With the same tried and true perennial rye grass varieties to build a healthy and hardy lawn along with its ideal mixing partner in kentucky blue grass seed to help build the perfect lawn. This mix contains 90% Sport Turf and 10% Sidekick Kentucky Blue Grass. The chosen perennial rye grass varieties are grey leaf spot resistant which helps to maintain toughness during those tough summer months. But the real secret to the blend is the Sidekick Kentucky Blue Grass Seed. It is designed to root strong and it spreads through its root zone laterally. This helps to fill in your lawn naturally, all while providing a deep and dark green color that will leave you the envy of the neighborhood. Our staff is always here to help! Not only are there a lot of seed blends out there, we offer quite a few ourselves! That is why we are here to help you choose the best blend for your goals! We offer multiple sizes of our seeds types. One pound of seed covers 200 square feet. With this information, you'll be able to order the perfect amount for any job you need to do!

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