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Good Turf Lawn Mix - A Grass Seed Blend of Two Rye Grasses, Blue Grass and Fine Fescue To Provide Good Color and Superior Growing

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Available Sizes: Rohrers Good Turf Lawn Mix (1 Lb)

{ 4 Active Varieties } With a blend of perennial and annual ryegrass, bluegrass, and fine fescue grass seed types, this blend will provide good color along with drought and disease resistance!

{ Perfect All Purpose Mix } Whether you are looking for a fast-growing grass seed to fill in bare grass patch areas or want to overseed an entire lawn, this is the ideal mix!

{ Plant In Different Areas } Our Good Turf Grass Seeds Lawn Mix is the perfect turf builder for both areas of full sun and partial shade. This allows you to use one bag for most lawns!

{ Deep Rooting } Each lawn seed chosen is built to help roots dive deep. The right grass seeds for lawn will root deep and strong to provide a healthy, lush property throughout the growing year.

{ No Noxious Seed Types } No one wants to be surprised when buying a bag of seed. That is why what you see on the label is what is in the bag! Exactly what you want and nothing else!

Buying bulk grass seed doesn't have to be expensive or even daunting with all of the different types and brands. Some varieties lack quality and provide generic types of seeds that aren't hand selected based on maximal benefits. Good Turf produces a good sod blend of rye grass, blue grass and fine fescue to fill in your lawn with a rich green color at a reasonable price. Good Turf combines permanent and quick-growing grasses in just the right amounts without the nasty filler some of the big brands use. In Good Turf you will not find nasty hidden seeds that can wreak havoc on your new and perfect lawn. One of the main benefits of using three different varieties of grass seeds are that not one disease can attack all three. Which means that if your lawn succumbs to something, the other varieties will stand tall! We are here to help you with your selection. We offer multiple seed types and would be happy to answer and and all of your questions to make sure you find the bag that is right for you! One pound covers 200 square feet.

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