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Tecomate Lablab Plus

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Size: Tecomate Lablab Plus (20 lb)

The best all-around warm season seed mix on the market for deer plus a range of wildlife. Contains Tecomate® Lablab for antler growing/fawning nutrition plus some of the most nutritious and preferred peas and beans in the world including our own vining cowpeas. Premium milo/sorghum and sunflowers act as a screen for peas and beans during the first weeks of growth producing large seeds favored by deer. This blend is less vulnerable to grazing pressure than single cultivars. Lablab Plus also provides food and cover for game birds.

  • Protein content: 26% to 32%
  • High-yield, high-protein
  • Great for early season bowhunting
  • Grows bigger bucks & healthier deer

Contents: Tecomate® Lablab, forage peas, soybeans, milo/sorghum and sunflower seed

Planting Time: all climates: spring & summer - anywhere ground temperature is above 68 degrees.
late summer & early fall - early season bow or other hunting plots

Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. plants 1 acre

Planting Depth: 1/2 to 1 inch

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