Hyr Brix Sweet Corn Fertilizer


Packed with nutrients corn loves!

HyR BRIX® Sweet Corn Fertilizer has what sweet corn requires to develop big, uniform, marketable ears with a great, sweet taste. With multiple forms of nitrogen and a balance of slow-releasing nutrients, you can ensure your corn is receiving an adequate and even feeding all season long.

16-7-10 Ca2 S6
5 lbs. = 100 ft. row or 450 ft.2
20 lbs. = 400 ft. row or 1,800 ft.2
50 lbs. = 1,000 ft row or 4,500 ft.2
500 lbs. = 1 acre

Can be applied at anytime. For best results, band the fertilizer between rows immediately after planting (at least 2 inches away from the seed furrow). This will aid with an even emergence and ensure plants are receiving nutrients right when they need them.

Caution:  Do not allow seed to come into direct contact with fertilizer.