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Butterfly Meadow Sweet Temptation Mix (Pkt)

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Available Sizes: Butterfly Meadow Sweet Temptation Mix (pkt)

Lake Valley Seed Packet

Mix of annual and perennial garden flowers specially formulated to lure butterflies to your garden. Brightly colored blooms filled with sweet nectar offer both food and shelter to summer visitors. Height: 1-4 feet. One packet plants up to 75 sq. ft.

Contains: Candytuft 14%, Siberian Wallflower 10%, California Poppy 10%, Lupine 10%, Cornflower 7%, Coreopsis 7%, Coneflower 7%, Gaillardia 7%. The following comprise less than 5%: Cosmos, Sweet William, Gayfeather, Phlox, Bishop's Flower, Showy Milkweed, Godetia, Plains Coreopsis, Sweet Alyssum, Black-Eyed Susan and Asters.

MFG Part Number: 4488

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