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Now is the time to plant grass seed!

Sep 25, '23

Fall is considered the very best time to plant grass seed! Grass seeds thrive in the warm soil, cool temperatures, and increased rainfall of the autumn season. While planting in the spring is also an option, young grass can be susceptible to high weed pressure going into the summer months....

Which Pasture Grass is Best for Your Farm?

Aug 11, '23

Fall is typically the best time of year to reseed your pastures, but sometimes it is difficult to decide what type of pasture grass is right for you. Some important factors to consider include whether you plan to graze or hay your pastures, what type of soil you have and...

What Kind of Grass Seed Should I Plant?

Sep 2, '206 comments

When you are trying to decide what kind of grass seed to grow there are a lot of factors to consider. Not only should you consider the area you are planting, but also what look and maintenance level you would prefer. There are a few main types of grass that...