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8 Great Vegetables for Your Fall Garden

Jul 26, '23

Most of us associate the excitement of gardening with the early spring when it starts to warm up for the growing season but fall gardening has made a huge comeback within the past few years. As many of your cool season crops can be grown in both the spring and...

10 Great Pollinator Plants You Can Grow from Seed

Sep 1, '15

1.  Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), perennial: Bumblebees are frequent visitors to coneflowers, and you'll see plenty of other pollinators, including honeybees, butterflies, moths, beetles, and flies. Plant coneflowers in full sun. Birds love the seeds. 2.  Milkweed (Asclepias sp.), perennial and annual: Milkweed is both a nectar source for the monarch...

Thank Your Local Pollinator

Apr 30, '15

No Pollinators = No Food This may sounds harsh, but it is our current reality.  A few weeks back a news headline read "tractor trailer load of honeybees topples".  In February the federal government pledged over 3 million dollars to save the Monarch Butterfly.  Local gardeners express their concern over...