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Getting to the Root of It

Aug 25, '21

Have you ever thought much about what plants need to grow? Being that plants are alive, they need some of the same things that you do to survive (think Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but plant version). Most notably plants need sun, water, air, stable temperatures and food; among other things....

Deer Food Plots: Part II - How to Best Use Deer Food Plots

Jun 14, '19

How to Use Deer food Plots Nutritious, Delicious Deer Food Plots Make for Delicious, Nutritious Venison With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to plan deer food plots for deer foraging on your property. Deer food plots are best planted in small sections, throughout your property so deer will...

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Deer Food Plots: Part I - Deer Food Plot Calendar

May 20, '191 comment

Deer Food Plot Calendar Careful planning and preparation go a long way toward attracting deer to your land. Deer food plots should be located so that bucks, does and fawns feel safe, ideally bordering a protective thicket or a copse of trees, away from roadways and homes. Soil should be...

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