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Seed Catalogs!

Seed Catalogs!

That wonderful time of year is coming where we all dive into our seed catalogs, dreaming of the following year’s garden. For new gardeners, seed catalogs can be overwhelming and exciting, and for seasoned gardeners and farmers, they are an important tool for planning the coming year. Seed catalogs have been around for a long time, and although the seed industry has changed, they remain an important part of the gardening tradition.

Seed Shopping… Then vs. Now

In the past, the most common way for gardeners to receive their seeds each year was by placing an order through the mail or over the phone, using a catalog as their guide. Over time this process has evolved to include more internet sales, but seed catalogs continue to be an important part of the industry. They are used as an important planning tool by many and are a source of excitement and hope for the following gardening season.

How do I get a Seed Catalog?

There are a lot of different options when it comes to suppliers, so it is important to find reputable seed companies that you can trust. Most companies offer a free catalog and accept catalog requests on their website or over the phone. Most catalogs come out in November or December, giving gardeners plenty of time to utilize the catalog to strategically plan their garden.

How to Shop a Seed Catalog

When looking through a seed catalog and planning your garden there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Think about how much space you have and what goals you have for your garden. Typically, catalogs will be broken up into different sections such as vegetables, flowers, herbs, microgreens, and so on. Look for your preferred varieties and be sure to read all the details. Each catalog is a little different, but many have indicators as to whether the variety is organic, an heirloom, perennial or annual, and so on. Always pay attention to the product key which will guide you in having the specific details about each variety.

You can also find valuable growing information and learning opportunities in seed catalogs. Keep your eye out for educational events pertaining to gardening and other valuable resources that can help you have a successful gardening experience. Don’t forget to try something new each year! Exploring catalogs allows you to find unique and rare varieties, and it is always fun to grow something new!

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Edward Cattell - May 12, 2021

Good Day, I tried to get copy of Catalogue ,but because I do not live in the USA it would not process,
Do you ship overseas , to Bermuda, many thanks , Edward

Rohrer Seeds - January 6, 2021

Dr. Martin Lima Beans can be found at the following link:

lee voshell - December 27, 2020

do you have dr martin lima bean seed and how much for 10 pk of seed. our Rohrer seed catalog is not up to date.

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