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Most Popular Summer Squash Varieties!

Most Popular Summer Squash Varieties!

Grow your own summer squash!

Summer squash is an easy to grow summer vegetable that can yield tasty crops all summer long! When planting summer squash, select a sunny location and plant in late spring when soil is warm, and danger of frost is past. Direct sow summer squash seeds in the late spring when soil temperature has reached 70 degrees. Plants prefer well-amended soils in an area with full sun. Cultivate and enrich the soil with vegetable food and organic matter. Firm soil over seed. It is important to remember to water frequently to keep soil moist. Pick crops continuously to ensure steady supply and production throughout the season. Summer squash is best picked when the fruits are young and tender.

 Best Summer Squash Varieties

Interested in summer squash varieties? Here are a few favorites we recommend!

 Early Prolific Straight Neck – This popular yellow straight neck is fast maturing and produces a generous crop of delicious fruits! Tender and attractive fruits are produced all summer long and are best when picked young and immature. The skin is a light glossy butter yellow, and flesh is creamy yellow. Delicious uncooked; or fried, steamed, baked, boiled and when used in a variety of recipes. Can be frozen for use later.

 Black Beauty Zucchini Squash - The earliest, most productive of the black-green zucchinis! Plants are semi-upright and open, aiding in ease of harvest. Outstanding fruit size, shape, and color. Zucchini is the most popular type of summer squash! It is easy to grow, producing a generous crop of fruits all season long. The fruit is delicious when baked, boiled, fried, steamed, or raw and when used in a variety of recipes. Zucchini can be frozen.

 Summer Crookneck Squash – Easy to grow, and prolific at producing fruit! The bush-like vine produces heavy yields of bright, yellow-skinned, crooked-neck squash. Summer Crookneck is favored for its fine texture and excellent flavor.

 49er Squash - Excellent choice for home gardens and market growers alike! Upright, open bushy plant bearing numerous, glossy, golden yellow, 7-8-inch-long squash. The flesh is creamy white with superb flavor. For the best flavor, pick while young and immature. Eat fresh and freeze excess for various breads, cakes, casseroles, souffles, pancakes, and custard recipes.

 Garden Spineless – An outstanding prolific summer vegetable that is easy to grow! Great home garden variety, producing 7-8 inch long, dark green, smooth skinned squash. Spineless open plants make harvesting easy without getting pricked or scratched. Eat fresh and freeze excess for various breads, cakes, casseroles, souffles, pancakes, and custard recipes.

 Black Coral - This variety produces dark green, glossy fruit on a plant with an upright growing habit. This heavy producer is mildew resistant and easy to harvest due to its compact, open growing habit. Great zucchini for containers or raised beds. Grow one plant per 16” pot or space plant 24” apart when grown in a raised bed.

 If you are interested in learning more about growing summer squash, please reach out to us through social media, or send us an email at!


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