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Gardening Under Plastic - Episode II

Gardening Under Plastic - Episode II

Plants like sun – duh.  My poor seedling babies were just sitting there for weeks it seemed and I couldn’t figure out why, until my friend Dru pointed out how overcast it had been.  The sun has been shining fairly regular for the last week and new leaves are popping up all over the place.

This is what I have been waiting for.

You know you are the crazy garden lady when the second set of leaves appear and you can excitedly distinguish a bok choi from a kohlrabi!  My poor family doesn’t know what they are in for tonight when they get home – can you say field trip to the greenhouse?

Fortunately, my daughter loves this as much as I do and my husband tolerates my craziness.  I just discovered he found a moisture meter for me – he is very stealth about his approval, the moisture meter just showed up in the greenhouse.

In central PA we have been fortunate in one sense for a mild winter thus far.  Greens planted outside in the fall are probably still producing and root crops can continue to be harvested.  The bad part about the mild weather is that some of our perennial and woody plants wont go through an adequate cold period, which could mess up their clocks a bit.  We also have the possibility that our perennials and woodies will push out leaves and flowers way too early, only to be blasted by a last second cold front.

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