Apr 27, '12
Composting is one of my favorite parts of gardening. The process of watching food and yard scraps turn into black gold is amazing. If you practice worm composting – the process can happen right before your eyes. The worms eat your food scraps and poop out the most wonderful soil amendment. Yes, I get excited about worm poop!

While my compost pile started with grass clippings, leaves and veggie scraps, there are many other everyday items that can be added. Shredded newspapers, paper towels, old pasta, pencil shavings and even dust bunnies can safely be added to your compost. And better yet, these items can avoid the landfill.

If you currently compost, I challenge you to get one friend started in the process. If you are new to composting – get busy! A simple pile can be made by creating a ring out of inexpensive fencing and placing your yard debris inside. Other options include the fancy compost tumblers, which are a bit easier on the eyes, but tend to be too small for most folks.

There is no magical formula on creating great compost, although you will want to balance brown (dry) materials and green (fresh) materials. Simple, right? As the materials break down, they can be incorporated into garden beds, used as a top dress on lawns, or worked into container plantings. “Free” soil goodness – what could be better?

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