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Carrot Trials 2015

Carrot Trials 2015

Every year we trial a different group of plants.  This was the year of the carrot.  I know, once you had one carrot your have had them all.  We found this is not true at all!  

All carrots were taste tested raw, we have no information on cooked flavor.  Hyrbrix fertilizer was used on all trial plantings.

Two carrots clearly stood out in the crowd.  They are Sweetness III Hybrid and Kuroda (heirloom variety).  Both carrots were sweet and crunchy and our employees went back for more!

Rounding out second place were Tendersweet and Sugar Snax Hybrid.  

The remainder were either bland with little flavor or bitter.  These carrots included:  Danvers (heirloom), Royal Chantenay (heirloom), and Scarlet Nantes (heirloom).

In addition to the orange carrots, we taste tested some of the "colored" carrots.  While they would plate beautifully, they all fell into the bland/bitter category.  These included:  Cosmic Purple (heirloom), Purple Dragon (heirloom), Solar Yellow (heirloom), Lunar White (heirloom), and Atomic Red (heirloom).  

We had some big beautiful specimens, which you can see below.  

Have you tried some of these varieties?  Please provide your feedback in the comments.


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